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"Loads of tips and tricks on how to cleverly create original graphics. Recreating the Photoshop-like designs is top notch. It's what everyone wants to know - how to create something for free, that looks like a million dollars."




It is not about fooling people into thinking that you are something more than you really are but if you want to be taken seriously in today's online business as you deserve to be when sharing your knowledge and experience, you need to look professional.

No matter if you are only starting out or you have been in business for some time, looking good online is just like putting on a suit for a business meeting. I am guessing you wouldn't wear PJ's for a meeting with any of your clients right?


Why don't you take a good care of the way you look online?

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First impression matters and you can only make it once.

You need your graphics to scream "I am a professional" without words.

You need to create graphics that are true to your brand and evoke emotions.

You need to create graphics that are resonationg with your customers.


Do you feel like it's impossible for you to create graphics that stand out and look good without knowing Photoshop?

Do you think you have no design skills or sense?

Are you discouraged because you feel like you need a graphic designer from day one and you simply can'd affort the service?

Many of my students had thought so too... before they completed my course


After they have taken the DIY Branded Graphics Course, they are creating beutiful graphics for their social media and webistes.

If you, like my students, want to create a strong, visually cohesive and appealing brand, you are in the right place.



You don't need to know any advanced tools like Photoshop to be able to create great graphics that make your brand unique and recognizable!

In this course I will teach you how you can create beautiful designs yourself using free tools like Canva to achieve amazing results because the secret to looking good online are the 3Cs:

C- Composition

C- Cohesivenes

C- Consistency

Watch the video to see two of many sample designs that we will be learning to create.

The truth is that by using my hacks, tips and tricks you will be able to create any design you want to.

You don't need to know advanced tools like Photoshop to be able to create great graphics that make your brand unique and recognizable!

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Let me guess.

You want to build a strong brand, stand out from the crowd and create a unique image of yourself and your business.

You want to create professionally looking graphics without spending thousands to pay a graphic designer or for a Photoshop license.

For a few years now I have been working with graphics for online projects and while working with other entrepreneurs I have leared a few things about the process you probably go through:

  • to your social media you post random graphics that you find online,
  • you don't know where and how to start creating your graphics,
  • if you happen to have discovered Canva, you do not know how to use it to its potential,
  • when you are creating your designs, you are still under the impression that there is something missing in them,
  • when you hear about HEX codes and brand colors, you shiver because every time you want to use them, you have to search through your notes or google colors, that in the end are not what you needed.

After this course your friends will want you to share your designer's contact information!


  • in what feels like no time, you will learn everything that you need to know about creating graphics (in the free tools like Canva).
  • I share with you my best tips and tricks, so that you save your time and frustration on figuring it all out yourself
  • not only will you get the knowledge in a nutshell, you will also learn the basics of graphic design, that I have learned working with programmers and graphic designers when I built my first startup as well as during photography courses.


  • you will know how to set the brand colors in the settings so that you always have them at hand whenever needed,
  • you will know how to create graphics from scratch including your first logo.
  • you will know how to use Canva's layout and customize them to match your brand look and feel.
  • you will know how to create graphics that look like you created them in Photoshop,
  • you will know what brand visual cohesiveness is and you will create cohesive, aesthetically appealing graphics for your blog, Facebook ads and social media.

Sample students' graphics

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Your Instructor

Iwona Gruszka
Iwona Gruszka

Iwona is an online business, brand and technology strategist for ambitious future entrepreneurs who want to break free from their 9-5 turn their ideas into business, build a strong cohesive brand and make more money while enjoying the freedom of being their own boss.

In love with DIY technology ever since she remembers, Iwona has been a part of the startup/tech industry for the last few years. A Grand Valley State University Graduate, she decided to drop out of the PhD program to start her own online business & side hustle academy to help ambitious hustlers, like yourself, start side businesses, turn them into full-time jobs and achieve better results.